Branding and Market Research

Market research is a critical tool in brand development, including defining brand values, understanding drivers of brand preference, measuring brand awareness, mapping brand associations, assessing brand engagement, and measuring brand loyalty. Brand market research is a key element of successful branding at all stages of brand development, from developing image and positioning strategies to measuring brand commitment.

Brand market research in industrial or business to business markets is based on the same principles as consumer branding and is usually referred to as corporate image research. Corporate image research is an important component of corporate image management. Understanding market perceptions of the corporate image, and crucially addressing the needs of current and potential buyers, is essential for developing the right corporate image.

The purpose of corporate branding is to:

• Make the company known, distinct and credible in the mind of potential buyers
• Build enduring relationships
• Communicate the benefits of the organization to the buyer
• Convey the value system of the organization
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