Benefits of a Well-Planned Appraisal

People responsible for performance appraisals often assign a low priority to them because they have not thought about the benefits of a good work performance evaluation session. Following are some advantages of doing a thoughtful appraisal on a timely basis. Check those point that are important to you.

• Performance appraisals give me valuable insights into the work being done and those who are doing it.

• When I maintain good communication with others about job expectations and results, opportunities are created for new ideas and improved methods.

• Regular employee performance evaluation comments remove surprises about how the quality of work is being perceived.

• When I do a good job with employee performance feedback, anxiety is reduced because employees know how they are doing.

• I increase productivity when employees receive timely corrective feedback on their performance.

• I reinforce sound work practices and encourage good performance when I publicly recognize positive contributions.

• When I encourage two-way communication with employees, goals are clarified so they can be achieved or exceeded.

• Learning to do employee performance reviews or appraisals is excellent preparation for advancement and increased responsibility.
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