Making Lasting Connections at Cvent CONNECT Starts with Better Event Feedback

It’s true – better connections and event experiences starts with better feedback. Imagine running an event, any event, and not knowing what your attendees liked, didn’t like, whether they would return again or if they liked the speakers or even the food. You would be surprised how often more

What the Biggest Political Polling Mistakes in History can Teach us about Surveys

Polls have been used to try and predict the outcome of important political races for centuries. The first poll was a modest straw poll conducted by the Harrisburg Pennsylvanian newspaper in attempt to determine the 1824 presidential election. Today, as we approach the 2014 mid-term elections, more

Preventing Respondent Frustration

This post applies to consumer and B2B market researchers as well as those who design questionnaires for measuring employee satisfaction and engagement. Multiple response questions where the respondent can select any or all options are a valuable question format. However, if not handled more

Creating a Winning Website

How would you rate your organization's online customer experience? If you think you deserve a passing grade, congratulations; according to a Forrester study, your website is among only 3% that do. The Huffington Post breaks down some of the key offenders: The information on the website isn't more

Show Respondents Love

It’s time to reach out and touch someone. All eyes are on Valentine’s Day and sharing the love. How does this thought process apply to market research you may ask? Well that’s easy to see if you consider each survey touchpoint an opportunity to share a bit of love. It doesn’t matter if you more

The Last Question Standing

Show me the way out. I am sure many survey respondents have thought this as they slugged their way through a lengthy survey. And while some of us may wish we could lock people in, the door to leave is always open! As those involved in consumer and B2B market research, we have to pay attention more

The Whys and Why Nots of the Purchase Process

Knowing the reasons why someone has bought your product or service is valuable consumer insight, which applies to both consumer and certainly B2B marketing research. Having this data handy makes it easy to answer those nagging questions from your creative team or advertising agency. Knowing more

The Fine Line: Required Survey Questions

There is a fine line between requiring respondents to answer a question thus avoiding missing data, and pushing them to a place where they decide to exit the survey before completion. As the survey author you have the ability to specify whether or not a question is ‘required’ or alternatively more

Survey Design: Slowing Things Down

Let’s take a break. Now doesn’t that help to relieve a bit of the tension? As market researchers by default we create tension in the design of our surveys. One of my key points is doing what I can to minimize the cognitive load placed on respondents. Why is this a good thing you ask? Well, let’ more

Leverage Reports to Manage the Survey Experience

One of the keys to developing and maintaining effective customer feedback surveys is the awareness of which questions trigger respondents to exit the survey. If you are administering an extended survey then this becomes critical to managing the completion process. Longer surveys have more
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