Positive Feedback not the Only Feedback That's Helpful

Managers who only give positive feedback can do just as much harm as overly critical or laissez-faire ones. Waiting until annual performance appraisal time to give negative feedback – if ever given at all – won't suffice. Letting someone know where he's falling short of the mark doesn't mean...read more

Before Your Next Employee Appraisal, Self-Assess What You Do

Most people get called in for their dreaded employee appraisals once a year. Those who get them twice a year can actually consider themselves lucky. Feedback is important and if the only time any is forthcoming is during a formal personnel evaluation, then you could be in trouble. In her article,...read more

Better Performance Appraisals Are Just Five Steps Away

It's probably safe to say that employees hate job performance appraisals because their bosses hate them. Giving someone bad news is painful; receiving it is even worse. But there doesn't seem to be a better way for bosses to help employees learn and grow and better serve the companies where they...read more

Online Surveys Are There When You Need To Collect Employee Feedback Quickly

I just created a survey to gauge Cvent employee interest in playing in a local softball league this fall. It got me thinking after yesterday's post where I suggested using online surveys to collect employee feedback for product enhancements. Perhaps it's not obvious how human resource departments or...read more
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