Cvent Web Surveys is now Inquisium

Tuesday, June 2 was a big day Cvent Web Surveys and we announced that we rebranded as Inquisium. Derived from the word "inquisitive," we help organizations of all sizes build feedback programs that provide reliable, first-hand insights for smart decision making. This rebranding will help us more

From Data to Decisions: Identify Insights Faster through Text Analysis

Almost three years ago, I wrote an article on how to analyze open-ended questions faster with a quick excel trick. It is still a very popular post, and I answer a lot of questions every month (particularly on Step 2!) about how to do it affectively. The main reason it's so popular is more

Coming Soon: New Features & Enhancements to Cvent

Cvent is excited to announce our upcoming July 2011 release! Guided by the suggestions and feedback of our clients, this release includes great new features for our web survey and enterprise feedback management solution, online registration and event management software, and the Cvent more

How to Test New Knowledge After Training

This morning, Cynthia posted about the importance of conducting post-training surveys for new employees. While training "satisfaction" surveys are certainly a good idea six months after training to evaluate the impact and success of your organization's training programs. Surveys have more

WikiLeaks Lesson in Data Security

If there's one thing Wikileaks has taught us, it's that security is important. Now, you may not have to warn employees they'll be fired if they read the leaked classified documents like the U.S. Government has done, but chances are, you have classified information you don't want leaked.Survey more

The Trouble with Net Promoter Scores

A lot of time is spent praising the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as the end all, be all of customer satisfaction measurement. NPS is a great approach to measuring customer loyalty, but it isn't a one-size-fits all measurement method.To give you some idea of why it's not always the best metric, let' more

Client Success Story: Increase Response Rates by 200%

If you have an internal survey tool built by your own IT department, you can probably understand the pain and frustration the consumer research managers felt at Polaris Industries. Polaris, the leading manufacture of off-road vehicles (ORVs) for recreational and utility use, switched to Cvent' more

Even the Best Survey Software Can't Help

If you're conducting a one time survey, you probably aren't going to spend that much time looking for the best B2B market research survey tool. You'll probably just pick the cheapest one you can find. If you're never planning to run the survey again, don't care about how it represents your brand, more

The DIY Approach to Online Market Research

If you work at a small business or your organization's budget has been cut over last year, you may think you don't have the resources to conduct market research and discover new ways to grow in a recovering economy. But you don't need to hire a market research firm to find out how to discover more

78% Switch to a Competitor Because Poor Website Performance

78% of consumers have switched to a competitor's site due to poor web performance during peak times. According to a new Gomez survey, 88% of website users are less likely to return to a poor performing site. This means once you lose them, there's a good chance they're gone forever. Ouch. All more
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