Cash for Culture: Would You Quit Your Job for $5,000?

Recently, Amazon made headlines for its unorthodox approach to tackling a challenge every company faces. It’s the question haunting senior management and human resources professionals everywhere: How do you find out which employees are bringing your company down and what can you do to stop them? more

Forrester Customer Experience Forum, Day 2 Takeaways

Harley Manning kicked off the last day of the Forrester Customer Experience Forum by reviewing some of the key takeaways from the day before, and this AWESOME song recorded by Ed Hadley and his team at Neolane: The presentations yesterday spent a lot of time on design, governance and culture. more

Customer Loyalty Month: 25 Quotes to Inspire

April is International Customer Loyalty Month! It should go without saying that April should not be the only month you give customer loyalty focus. There are huge business benefits to creating loyal customers. However, Customer Loyalty Month should serve as a reminder to review your more

Best Practices for 360 Peer Reviews

Performance reviews are no fun. Whether they’re annual reviews with a manager or 360 peer reviews, they’re unwelcome aspects of any job. Although 360 reviews seem like they would be the perfect complements to standard annual reviews, they have the potential to wreak havoc on morale, productivity more

Why Measuring Employee Sentiment is Important

January is an excellent time to step back and review your talent pool for the coming year. Each year employees leave their current position for a new one. There are many reasons for this, with salary being amongst them. A recent projection by Phil Reeves, who conducts salary studies on behalf of more

The Problem With 360 Reviews

Performance reviews are a necessary evil in the workplace. The good news is that the one-way, annual performance evaluation where an employee gets to hear about the all things she did wrong over the past year, and maybe a few that she did right, isn't the be all and end all of the review more

Are Market Researchers a Satisfied Lot?

There are times when it doesn’t pay to be a marketing researcher. For me, those times usually manifest during salary study season. The curse of conducting salary studies is also what drives most participants to respond. We as professionals have an innate desire to know where we stand relative to more

The Social Media Revolution

I have been reviewing posts from the last year for a count down of top posts I'm planning for next week. Consistently month after month, particularly for the first half of the year, some of our most popular posts were about social media. However, what's being written about today and what was more

Annual Employee Review: Still Relevant or Antiquated Necessary Evil?

In the age of instant and constant communication – thanks to social sharing networks like Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare, people have access to more things at a rapid and continuous pace. Employees are looking for more frequent feedback from employers and the dreaded annual review is coming more

Are Employee Satisfaction Surveys Worth Taking?

Employee satisfaction surveys can seem like a waste of time but in the right hands, they can be valuable tools for implementing change. In the wrong hands, they can be weapons of mass frustration. The consensus of recent query respondents, who either participated in or helped conduct more
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