Heard It On The X(tab)

There are a few go to techniques that we use for survey data analysis. The primary tool used for analyzing survey data is the crosstab. There are fancier multivariate techniques, and those have their place, but for everyday use the crosstab is the preferred method for analyzing nominal and ordinal...read more

The Problem With 360 Reviews

Performance reviews are a necessary evil in the workplace. The good news is that the one-way, annual performance evaluation where an employee gets to hear about the all things she did wrong over the past year, and maybe a few that she did right, isn't the be all and end all of the review process....read more

How to Test New Knowledge After Training

This morning, Cynthia posted about the importance of conducting post-training surveys for new employees. While training "satisfaction" surveys are certainly a good idea six months after training to evaluate the impact and success of your organization's training programs. Surveys have other...read more

The Positive Side of Peer Evaluations

Few people – if any – look kindly on evaluations, whether they're being evaluated by their peers or their bosses. When people are fair and honest, peer evaluations can be priceless tools for supervisors and managers to use to improve their teams' performances and the overall atmosphere of their work...read more

New Hire Surveys Uncover More About Job Applicants

Employee morale surveys are critical to understand how workers feel about their role and the organization as a whole. As we continue to discuss different workplace employee relation survey methods, let's look at new hire surveys and how they can ensure you're making strong additions to your...read more

Knowing Your Workers Before You Hire Them with Pre Employment Assessments

We have discussed the many merits of surveying employees to gauge their performance and how they feel about employee training programs. But what about before their first day on the job? With a pre-employment assessment, you can understand how potential workers respond to challenges, how they define...read more
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