The Open-Ended Possibilities of Survey Text Analysis

Surveys are powerful research tools for collecting feedback. When crafted correctly, they illuminate valuable firsthand insights that would not have otherwise been discovered. Whether your organization uses surveys to measure customer satisfaction, gauge employee engagement or conduct training more

Top 15 Blog Posts of 2013

I can’t believe 2013 is almost over! There are so many great blogs that we’ve posted over the past 12 months, that I wanted to keep up with tradition and give all of our readers a recap of the most popular blog posts of 2013! Enjoy! Samples at Random Sometimes being random is exactly what more

Charting a New Direction with Research

One the primary purposes of marketing research (both for consumer and B2B market research) is to mitigate risk. Often I am asked what I do for a living and invariably my response is I quantify executives gut feelings. This is exactly where market research as a function needs to be. When we bring more

Whom to Invite to the Party?

Panels represent opinions waiting to be shared. The question of the day is who do we want to invite to the party? If your goal for 2012 is to create, manage and leverage a survey panel then careful thought needs to be given to deciding whose opinions are worth surveying. If you are involved in more

25 Most Popular Survey Posts of 2011

Last week I shared my favorite feedback management blog posts that fell outside the Top 25 Most Popular Posts of 2011. After crunching the analysis for most read articles, most shared and clicked posts, I've narrowed down our 476+ posts to just the Top 25.Please share your thoughts below on more

5 Reasons Customer Satisfaction Surveys Stink

The sad truth is many satisfaction surveys are a waste of time. At best, they provide lip service to a best-practice ideal and at worst they provide misleading data that could lead your business astray. Make sure you flush these five main culprits out of the shadows on your quest for happy more

Likert Scales to Measure Attitudes

I wonder if when psychologist Rensis Likert created the scale that bears his name if he realized it would one day become the most widely used attitude measure employed in survey research? The Likert scale is often used interchangeably with rating scale, even though they are not synonymous.The more

Personnel Evaluations: How Satisfied are your Employees?

Having worked for many companies in my career thus far, I am always curious to see how senior management responds when employee attrition sky rockets. Do they understand it is because there is a general sense of unhappiness among their employees? Do they think the employees who are leaving are more

Survey Criteria for Employee Evaluations

If you are in human resources, then you know that being more than half way through a year means that employee evaluations are soon to begin. Employee evaluations, especially 360 feedback forms, are a great way to gauge employee performance. It allows a manager to be able to see how their employee' more

North Carolina Teacher Surveys Show Positive Attitudes

While many of my recent posts have cited nationwide examples of teacher surveys that show unhappy employees due to budget cuts and increasing class sizes, results from North Carolina schools show a very different picture. With more than 105,000 teachers completing the 100-question form, the more
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