Preventing Respondent Frustration

This post applies to consumer and B2B market researchers as well as those who design questionnaires for measuring employee satisfaction and engagement. Multiple response questions where the respondent can select any or all options are a valuable question format. However, if not handled more

Creating a Winning Website

How would you rate your organization's online customer experience? If you think you deserve a passing grade, congratulations; according to a Forrester study, your website is among only 3% that do. The Huffington Post breaks down some of the key offenders: The information on the website isn't more

Employee Satisfaction is Key to Retention

At this stage in the economic recovery, if one could call it that, it is not unreasonable to expect employees to begin looking for new employment. After several years of depressed wage growth and fears of job loss, employees are beginning to move to new positions in record numbers. Add to this more

Research to Debunk Myths: The MythBusters Edition

I have often said the purpose of marketing research is to quantify the gut feeling. Having daughters who are decidedly into MythBusters has led me to renew my call for use of research as a means of debunking or confirming commonly held beliefs. A recent article in July issue of Quirk’s by more

Meaningful Training Feedback in 3 Easy Steps

Most of us have been through training, whether it be for a job or volunteer work or something else. If you have ever been through training then perhaps you have been asked to fill out a training survey form.  Often times the purpose is to ask new hires or new workers about the training itself more

Are Customers Singing Bye Bye Bye?

Have you ever felt like customers are singing NSync's Bye Bye Bye because of their experience with support or maybe you've sung it to a company in the past? I know I have! It's not a secret customers don't renew/repurchase because of poor customer support. Some research has dissatisfied more

What to Include in an HR Exit Survey

It's a new year and, like many people who make new years' resolutions, getting a new job and making a fresh start at a new company may be on people's radars for 2011. Exit surveys are a great way to understand why someone left a company and how a company can improve aspects of their culture more

Forget the Office Supplies, Exiting Employees are More Interested in Stealing Company Data, Survey Says

Some employers worry that they may lose their best employees to their competitors. Others fear they may lose a lot more. It's not uncommon to hear someone say that he took a stapler or pack of Post-It notes or other office supplies when he quit or was fired from his job, but according to a more

Measuring Customer Satisfaction by First – and Last – Impressions

It’s a reality of relationships that first impressions matter. That goes for business relationships too. Your customers may only take a few seconds to make a decision about your company or several experiences over a few days. But what they’ll remember most are first and last impressions. How did more

An Employee's Parting Words

When is an employee most likely to be most honest? When their opinions will carry no consequences for their everyday routines – when they are departing their current position. While we regularly discuss conducting employee satisfaction surveys, it's equally important to gather feedback from more
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