How Often Should You Conduct Employee Surveys?

The project cycle for an employee satisfaction survey can often stretch to three to six months until it can be stamped complete. It often takes:• Three to four weeks to prepare and test the questionnaire • One or three weeks to have the survey open for response • Three to four weeks to analyze more

Rethinking Evaluation Forms for Employee Reviews

Not many of us enjoy our annual job performance reviews. Unfortunately, the time of year is upon most of us when we sit down with supervisors and review our work from the past year. There are some things managers can do to make employment review forms more energizing for both your employees more

One Survey, Unlimited Opportunities

I realized it only after the emails had been sent.  It was a test survey that wasn’t intended for entry level employees and senior management.  It was an employee evaluation that had initially been slated to go out only to our newest batch of hires.  Only last minute did we discover we could more

New to Survey Design? Use Pre-Created Survey Templates

Cvent offers a variety of Pre-Designed Survey Templates you can choose from for your first online web survey. These internet survey templates contain default questions, email, welcome and thank you text which you can utilize when designing a questionnaire. You can also choose from over 50 more

Sample Workplace Employee Survey Questions

I probably don't need to explain why creating employee surveys should be part of every HR department, but coming up with the correct employee evaluation template or employee job satisfaction survey questions isn't as as obvious as know you should do them. I recently came across a few more

Sample Survey Questions for Employee Questionnaires

Here at Cvent, we get asked for survey templates all the time. That's why we've created a bank of survey questions and pre-created questionnaires for all clients to utilize within their account. But it never seems to be enough. Sample employee motivation surveys, employee evaluation survey examples, more

Why is Non-Response A Big Deal?

Does it matter if not everyone takes your survey? What if only half your survey sample actually completes the survey questionnaire - or a third? You're never going to get everyone you invite to complete your survey. Those people conducting employee surveys, such as employee opinion surveys more

Business Research Needs Enterprise Survey Solutions

What's in your business research toolbox? Surveys are one of the most popular business research methods. With the popularity and wide spread availability of the internet, online survey suites have made it easy to create online polls to survey company employees, develop help desk surveys to more

Get Started on your Survey Project with Cvent Survey Templates

When it comes to losing weight or saving more money, one of the most daunting aspects is simply wrapping your head around where to start. With hundreds of books and celebrity “experts,” it’s easy to feel overwhelmed before you even begin. Administering, writing and creating survey questionnaires more

Employee Surveys Can Help Cut Costs

When was the last time you surveyed employees to understand job satisfaction?  Staff opinion surveys can tell you a lot about the organization’s culture and overall employee satisfaction.  With organizations asking employees to do more with less time and resources, keeping the workplace positive more
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