Navigating the DIY Waters

We live in a do-it-yourself age. This DIY focus is what home improvement stores such as Lowes and Home Depot have built their empires on. The same is true for the countless auto part stores catering to the DIY guy (or gal). Online survey platforms of all shapes and sizes have brought the DIY more

Keeping Profile Questionnaires Current

January is a perfect time to review ongoing surveys that you plan to use in the coming year. If you are planning to develop a survey panel, or have one in existence, then it is time to review your profile questionnaire (PQ). This is the first survey panelists will encounter, and the results more

What Was Missing at Content Marketing World (And 5 Content Suggestions)

What was missing from this week's Content Marketing World?  Data and Feedback Collection! I don't mean that they didn't collect feedback from attendees. They had a survey for every session in their mobile app. They incentived attendees to complete the surveys by gamifying them. Attendees more

Close the Screen Door

Living in the Southeast one has to accept that mosquitoes will be a big part of your spring and summer equation. However, the smart individual who invented screening for windows and doors really had a brilliant idea. This simple product makes it easy to keep creatures out of your living spaces. more

A Twist on the Mean

When it comes to metric data you have the ultimate flexibility in the analytical strategy you can employ. Examples of metric data include population, age, years of education, income, monthly sales, etc. Certain forms brand awareness and customer satisfaction measures can also be considered more

Checking the pulse of your industry

Survey research principles can be applied to areas outside of consumer or B2B market research. This should be no surprise to readers of this blog. Trade associations are one industry vertical that is tapping into the attitudes of its members. I recently participated in a survey of market more

Measuring Purchase Influence

Measuring influence is a common practice in both consumer and B2B marketing research. Understanding the dynamics of the purchase process is critical to both effective messaging as well as the overall design of your sales programs. With that said from the perspective of questionnaire creation more

Message Testing 123

There isn’t a marketer out there who hasn’t at one time or another questioned whether he or she was putting the right messages into the market. After all it is all about how and what we communicate. This is true regardless if we are in acquisition mode or focusing on customer retention more

What's in a Score

What goes into a score? In a previous post, it was relayed that one of the primary differences between a survey and an assessment is that questions are scored. There are other differences of course, but assessments, be they employee assessments or knowledge checks before a training course, more

The Screen Door in Market Research Surveys

Marketing researchers have insight to share. Yet if you are involved in research and answer things truthfully you will, more likely than not, be screened out of most online survey opportunities. In full disclosure on a few occasions I have not listed myself as a research guy because of being more
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