Website Performance Impacts the Bottom Line

Slow website will affect current shopping carts and future shopping cartsForrester Research recently put out the results of a survey, on behalf of Akamai, that looked at how users of shopping sites react to poor performing websites. It seems obvious that slow-loading sites could lead users to abandon their shopping carts, but the impact is larger than you may have suspected: 79% of shoppers were less likely to buy from that site in the future and 75% said they would likely not return to the site. Both of these numbers are up markedly from a previous market research study in 2006.

As we've discussed many times on this blog, surveying customers to understand why they are or are not loyal to your brand is a great tactic. Forrester's research indicates that site load time is one factor that does impact loyalty. 52% of consumers surveyed said it is important. That number, however, jumps to 61% when you look at online shoppers who spend more than $1,500 per year on the web.

Now that we understand why it is important to perform customer and market surveys, you need a customer survey tool to it. In looking for a customer satisfaction survey software tool, remember that customers hate it when your site loads. They're going to hate it even more if they're doing you a favor by providing customer feedback and your online survey tool is slow and hard to use. If you select a survey company with a less than professional survey tool that makes the survey respondent experience frustrating, your data will suffer. 

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