Are you using Twitter to distribute your online surveys?

A survey conducted by research firm BIA/Kelsey found that 9% of small and midsize business use Twitter for marketing purposes. An earlier survey by online marketing resource, MarketingProfs, showed that 84% of small businesses expect they will increase their use of Twitter and other social media outlets in the future. That same report also takes a look at how large businesses - including Dell and Disney - are using Twitter to reach devoted fans and potential customers. Companies large and small have begun using Twitter. I find this list of companies, although old, to be quite impressive!

At Cvent Web Surveys, we often recommend the use of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets to reach a wider audience for your web survey. We've often found it to be most useful in monitoring and acted fast to ensure customer satisfaction. Bad news travels fast these days, and you have to be ready to react

If you are distributing your electronic survey in multiple channels (social media, your public-facing website, and through Cvent's email survey software platform) it is important to track where people are coming from. By analyzing where your respondents are coming from, you can more efficiently distribute your surveys in the future or weight responses. This is especially important if you are paying to advertise your survey - perhaps on traditional banner display advertising, website pop-ups, or search ads such as Google AdWords.

Cvent Web Surveys software provides two ways of tracking and analyzing this data. First, we have our "Reference ID". Reference IDs are a short string of text added to the end of your survey URL – "twitter", "yelp", or "google" – for instance, to allow you to track what other website "referred" the survey respondent to complete your online survey. These strings of text will then allow you to use the Cvent's built-in survey reporting to see, analyze, and slice and dice the information to give a clear view of where the survey respondents are coming from. 

Second, Cvent was proud to announce in our last quarterly product enhancement, the addition of Google Analytics integration. Google Analytics is Google's free tool for tracking visitors to your websites. The integration with Cvent Web Surveys software is extremely simple to set up and is a fantastic addition for our clients who use and love Google Analytics.

Now while I heartily recommend using social media as a tool to get your survey in front of more people, there is one thing that is crucial to remember: many businesses block social media websites. Robert Half International, an IT recruiting firm, reported 54% of companies completely block access to sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and even business-oriented LinkedIn. This means, if you're trying to attract those of us who work, you may be facing a higher hurdle than you imagined.
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