Webinar Q & A: The Value of Employee Engagement on Customer Metrics

On Thursday, we sponsored an eWorkshop about the value of employee engagement on customer metrics with Demand Metric. We had great quetsions come in that we unfortunately did not have enough time to get to, but have answered below! If you missed the eWorkshop or would like to watch it again, the...read more

Fast Follow Up Matters (Best in Class Secret is Instant Alerts)

Think about your own experiences, when you are unhappy with a product or service and tell the company, what do you expect to happen? If you're thinking, "Nothing. Companies don't listen to customer feedback" I wouldn't blame you. But I hope you're more like me: I expect a response. But not a generic...read more

The Power of Segmenting the Market by Usage

In a recent post, I covered segmentation basics and briefly examined the debate around which variables are best used for the project. The point to remember is that marketing organizations can often benefit from multiple segmentations depending upon the end user (e.g. direct marketing, sales,...read more

Forrester Customer Experience Forum, Day 2 Takeaways

Harley Manning kicked off the last day of the Forrester Customer Experience Forum by reviewing some of the key takeaways from the day before, and this AWESOME song recorded by Ed Hadley and his team at Neolane: The presentations yesterday spent a lot of time on design, governance and culture. While...read more

Surveys Without a Goal Won't Hit the Target

What is a survey without a goal? In these ‘must have it yesterday’ times it is all too easy to lose sight of why we are conducting research. This is the double-edge sword that we work in. Having an online survey platform, and access to potential respondents through online panels, can lead...read more

3 Steps to Better DIY Marketing & Market Research Results

Professional services cost. Quality services come at a premium. So, some companies, especially small or starup businesses, try to save money by doing their own market research. Without knowing exactly what marketing and market research are, or how to use them, companies that choose to go the...read more

Are Surveys Valid Market Validation Tools for Entrepreneurs?

Starting a business is risky. Entrepreneurs know this going in. They do what they can to minimize risk by doing market research to determine what their potential competitors are doing, the size of their chosen markets and -- most importantly -- what their potential customers need and want.There is...read more

Art of Sensemaking: The Right Question at the Right Time

In the era of enourmous data, the strategic sensemaking process can be very insightful for market research and customer feedback. It can help us constantly maintain the right balance between actions and retrospections. Sensemaking is the process about how we give meaning to the world around us. If...read more

Measuring Brand Health and Awareness

The leading brand in a category can often command a price premium. Strategies for getting to that top position are outside the scope of this blog, but you can rest assured that market research is a critical component to the equation. Let’s start this exercise with defining what a brand is. The...read more

Five Tips for Good Customer Service

While most companies strive for good customer service, it is not always achieved. How people and companies respectively define good customer service can differ. As a result, companies may think that their business model achieves great customer service, but the actual customers (who have defined good...read more
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