Extending the Marketing and Research Relationship

The question was posed to me earlier today about the use of research in conjunction with marketing efforts. This is a potentially divisive topic and many of the research world’s leading organizations have issued decrees on what is and what isn’t acceptable.Selling under the guise of research seems...read more

Tell Everyone: The New Release is Almost Here!

Cvent is excited to announce our third major release for 2012 that is aimed to help improve your user experience! Lead by the suggestions and feedback of our clients and YOU, this Web Surveys release includes many new features, such as advanced quota management to help you target certain...read more

Sticking to your Intentions

What are your intentions? In today’s fast paced world it is all too easy to fall into the trap of marching forward without taking time to consider the direction we need to go. Market researchers are certainly not immune to the “hurry up and get it done yesterday” demands of the market. I am not sure...read more

Oh No, What Do I Test

Setting up a market test is by no means a difficult task, but it does require foresight and patience. In the direct or database marketing worlds, we might test offer, copy, medium (e.g. postcard vs. letter), subject lines, response rates and so forth. In online marketing research, several options...read more

5 Best Practices for Designing Mobile Surveys

When online surveys came on the scene for the first time in 1999, there was initial hesitation. Was online really going to replace phone and mail surveys? As online has become the norm over the last decade, we've learned there's still a place for multi-mode feedback collection. In fact, with social...read more

Surveys Without a Goal Won't Hit the Target

What is a survey without a goal? In these ‘must have it yesterday’ times it is all too easy to lose sight of why we are conducting research. This is the double-edge sword that we work in. Having an online survey platform, and access to potential respondents through online panels, can lead...read more

Every Picture Tells a Story

Far too often we as survey researchers rely on static tables for displaying the data we collect. Tables are not bad, when used in moderation, but have you ever read a report that was nothing more than a series of tables? Talk about cognitive overload. What’s the alternative you say? The strategic...read more

3 Things To Remember for Reporting Data Collection Results

As a consultant who is usually seeking to understand why? or so what? the data my teams and I collect about clients' programs and assets are critical to understanding the success (or failure) of their marketing efforts.  As such, and because the type of data is often redundant month over month, we...read more

Efficiencies with Data Collection Templates

In any business, measuring and gauging success is imperative to understanding if your business is profitable or not. Data collection and reporting can be a pivotal step in helping show how or if a business is successful or not. In order to ensure that you tell a consistent story and measure the same...read more

Font Matters in Survey Response Validity

When you're designing survey templates, do you think about everything from the colors you choose to the fonts and how that could impact the validity of your data collection? Until recently, I never though the font you used in a questionnaire template would matter, but according to a recent study at...read more
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