Events and Surveys Should Go Hand-in-Hand

Planning an event is no easy task! Everything from picking the venue, to planning the sessions, to coordinating speakers, to booking travel to picking out the perfect décor to make every room pop – these endless details take countless hours of staff time, concentration, money and dedication. But, more

How do I make an Online Survey?

I was recently asked this question on Quora and felt it was a good topic to cover more in depth here: How do I make an online survey? To be completely frank, the answer to this question is not necessarily a simple one. On the surface, many people think that sending a survey just means creating more

Raise your Survey Response Rates

Organizations use surveys to achieve many different goals. Whether they want to measure employee satisfaction, conduct market research, administer training assessments or gauge customer satisfaction, a well-executed survey is an important business tool for making more informed decisions. However, more

Webinar Q & A: The Value of Employee Engagement on Customer Metrics

On Thursday, we sponsored an eWorkshop about the value of employee engagement on customer metrics with Demand Metric. We had great quetsions come in that we unfortunately did not have enough time to get to, but have answered below! If you missed the eWorkshop or would like to watch it again, more

The Transformation: Data to Insights

In the world of marketing, it’s common for reports to be swarming with data and benchmarks drawn from hundreds of different touch points like email, website, search, social, mobile, reviews, comments, and more. However, even with the plentiful amount of data we collect, insights are hard to more

5 Reasons You Need CRM Analytics

Customer Relationship Management software can be a fantastic asset for any business. It's pretty easy to see an almost instantaneous improvement in things like sales and marketing operations. But are you using CRM to its fullest extent? Marianne Cotter at shares five ways CRM more

New Industry Study Offers Insight into Best-in-Class Customer Feedback Management Programs

I’m very excited to share some new findings on the customer feedback management space that were just uncovered by an Aberdeen Group research study! Cvent has sponsored a new study from Aberdeen, titled “Customer Feedback Management: Leveraging Voice of the Customer to Amplify Business Results,” more

Surveys Meet Sales: Lead Generation Tactics

Surveys as lead generation tools, this sounds like an abomination. However, they can be conducted in the spirit of both research and sales. In the old days of marketing research, when phone calls were one of the primary tools for data collection, unscrupulous sales people would lead with a more

Conducting Multi-Language Surveys is Easier than Ever

Technology is making it easier than ever to expand into new markets and collaborate across cultures. With clients in over 50 countries, we understand the need to want to collect feedback in multiple languages. As such, we added the ability to conduct surveys in languages other than English to more

5 Best Practices for Designing Mobile Surveys

When online surveys came on the scene for the first time in 1999, there was initial hesitation. Was online really going to replace phone and mail surveys? As online has become the norm over the last decade, we've learned there's still a place for multi-mode feedback collection. In fact, with more
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