Maintaining Corporate Branding Just Got Easier

Who isn’t proud of showing off their colors? Thanks to one of the new enhancements, you now have the freedom to display your company colors for all to see. Cvent’s July enhancements now display controls for the graphical template that include the ability to further customize the cascading more

How Do I Create Online Customer Survey?

Most organizations want a customer perspective on product and services. Typically, you also want to know about customers' buying habits, their choices and preferences, likes and dislikes and overall customer satisfaction. A very easy way to gather all these opinions is through a customer more

One Survey Does Not Fit All

At Cvent, we designed our survey software services with one very important fact in mind: no client is the same. From clothing companies to banks, we acquired over 1,000 new clients in 2009 because our software makes building custom online surveys easy. Whether a client needs to craft a short set more

Do You Need All That Data?

Do you need all the data you collect? Is every piece of it valuable and used? Or do you simply collect data and report on it just for the sake of doing it? Chances are, you don't need every piece of data you ever collected. A good example is website forms. Often I see forms that ask me for my more

Creating Effective Educational Survey Questions

In our last discussion, we learned about why surveying students is important to colleges and universities. To some degree universities are similar to businesses, keeping students happy is just as important as quality customer service.Using the Likert Scale to Collect Feedback While you can more

4 Reasons Why Online Surveying is the Most Effective Method

Surveys can provide an effective means for research, marketing and customer service. Unfortunately, survey forms typically take a considerable amount of time to create, distribute and collect. Online surveys solve the distributing and result collection problems. But, web surveys also offer more

New to Survey Design? Use Pre-Created Survey Templates

Cvent offers a variety of Pre-Designed Survey Templates you can choose from for your first online web survey. These internet survey templates contain default questions, email, welcome and thank you text which you can utilize when designing a questionnaire. You can also choose from over 50 more

Eliminate Survivor Bias from your Customer and Client Surveys

Does your customer survey have "survivor bias"? I'm betting it does. Why? Because when most survey designers create business questionnaires or client satisfaction surveys we only collect feedback from individuals who are still customers. What about lost business? Why aren't those customers who more

Business Research Needs Enterprise Survey Solutions

What's in your business research toolbox? Surveys are one of the most popular business research methods. With the popularity and wide spread availability of the internet, online survey suites have made it easy to create online polls to survey company employees, develop help desk surveys to more

Get Started on your Survey Project with Cvent Survey Templates

When it comes to losing weight or saving more money, one of the most daunting aspects is simply wrapping your head around where to start. With hundreds of books and celebrity “experts,” it’s easy to feel overwhelmed before you even begin. Administering, writing and creating survey questionnaires more
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