Swipe Right: Survey Lessons from Tinder

Tinder, the prolific online dating app that found its way onto the phones of millions of Americans searching for romance in one form or another, has revolutionized the dating scene for better or worse. And it’s really a simple concept. The app integrates with Facebook, pulling in users’ Facebook...read more

One pole or two?

When we create a scale to measure consumer attitudes, be it for consumer or B2B marketing research, we have a choice in how we create the scale. One of the first questions to ask ourselves is how many poles should be used? By poles I mean how we specify the end points for the scale. The two common...read more

Capturing the First Time

Do you remember your first time? Well if it was your first kiss then I hope you would remember. In this case I am referring to first time you became a customer of (fill in the blank). How you feel about your first experience with a new retailer, vendor or other company plays a large role in...read more

Hotel Guest Surveys: Foundation of Leading Loyalty Programs

Summer is often thought of as the travel season with families taking their annual vacations. Of course travel and tourism occur throughout the year and are a significant input to the both US and the broader global economies. The industries that make up the tourism sector are keen at paying attention...read more

Survey Research Empowers Healthcare Marketing

As I was sitting in my acupuncturist’s office today it occurred to me that as a business they need to market themselves in the same fashion that a leading CPG brand or service provider. The adage of “If you build it they will come,” may have worked in the movies, but in today’s congested marketplace...read more

Features and Benefits

Within the realms of consumer and B2B marketing, there is a space where features dance with benefits and customer needs are met or exceeded. It is easy to see a product’s features, e.g. size, shape, colors, accessories, etc., however it can be a bit more complicated to assess the features built into...read more

Using Research to Outpace the Economic Cycle

If you believe the pundits then the slew of bad economic news points back to a recession. Regardless of your thoughts on whether or not we will limp along or fall back, we must take the time to rethink our approach to how we market our products and services. This is the case for B2B marketers as...read more

Is Time on Your Side?

Mick Jagger once sang that time was on his side. Well if your business is retail or services then time may not be on your side. Numerous studies both in consumer and B2B marketing research have shown that time spent in queue has an impact upon customer satisfaction. The latest in this line of...read more

Survey Scales: Turning the Volume Up to 11

In the movie Spinal Tap one of the characters goes to say that he likes to turn his guitar up to 11. There is nothing magical about 11 in the mundane sense, but it certainly does have application in the realm of marketing research and specifically in attitudinal measurement. The scales survey...read more

Customer Reviews Drive Purchase Decisions

A recent article in USA Today brought to light the impact that customer reviews are having on the hotel and travel market. According to the article, several major hotel chains including Hilton, Holiday Inn and Radisson are allowing verified customer opinions and reviews to be placed on...read more
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