How to Recruit 3 Types of Survey Support: Part 1

All successful survey programs have one thing in common—they need multi-tiered support to truly flourish. If you take a minute to think about the survey lifecycle, you can see why recruiting support on several different levels is important. Launching surveys takes time and money, especially more

Webinar Q&A: Crimes in Survey Design

Last Thursday, I hosted the Crimes in Survey Design webinar. We had many great questions come in that we unfortunately did not have time to get to, but have answered below! If you missed the webinar or would like to watch it again, the recording is available here. What is the ideal rating scale: more

The Customer Conversation: Setting the Stage for Effective Engagement

Increasingly, there is a lot of talk by experts about the need to collaborate with employees and customers; to have a conversation that leads to mutual benefit.  And these stakeholders want to talk, make no mistake about it. What they don't want to do, however, is to answer long lists of more

5 Benefits of Online Employee Surveys to Improve Your Small Business

Not long ago, I learned some startling statistics: The loyalty of employees who work for small businesses has dropped by almost 20% since 2008, and currently stands at a paltry 50%. Although I have never experienced any serious turnover in my own venture, I decided to take preemptive action more

3 Step Workout Plan for Business Agility: Step 2

Yesterday, I shared Step 1 of our three step workout plan for achieving business agility and crushing your compition in 2012. After internalizing and formulating a plan to start a feedback regime, it's time to talk about what you do with the data after you collect it and how you start more

25 Most Popular Survey Posts of 2011

Last week I shared my favorite feedback management blog posts that fell outside the Top 25 Most Popular Posts of 2011. After crunching the analysis for most read articles, most shared and clicked posts, I've narrowed down our 476+ posts to just the Top 25.Please share your thoughts below on more

Questions Gone Bad

Questions, like people can go bad. When they do, the quality of your data will suffer significantly. What do I mean by questions gone bad? There are three primary areas, according to Professor Joseph Hair, et. al. in the book Essentials of Marketing Research. They are:   Unanswerable more

Unipolar Meets Bipolar

Market researchers may often be considered ‘mad’ by our colleagues in other departments, but when I speak of bipolar and unipolar I am not referring to a psychiatric disorder. Instead my thinking is on scales, those oft employed measurements of attitudes and perceptions that we as survey more

Can Market Research Provide a Clear Answer?

Does marketing research, or any form of survey research for that matter, always provide a clear answer? The ‘clear answer’ so often desired by executives is elusive, at best a moving target. So my take based on many years of experience is that research does not always provide a definitive more

It's All in the Semantics

I took my wife out for an early Valentine Day lunch at a new restaurant yesterday. It was a much anticipated meal at a new restaurant, well new for us anyway. Our expectations were exceeded on all dimensions. I have written many posts on loyalty and customer satisfaction as of late, but this more
Crimes in Design Webinar
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