Understanding the Decision

Making decisions can be a challenging process. Understanding how customers navigate their decision process is a key function for both consumer and B2B market research professionals. One technique that is useful for understanding the decision matrix is CHAID analysis or known formerly as Chi-Square...read more

Philosophers & Market Researches, One in the Same? Dancing in the Consumer's Shoes

Just who we are is a question that has been asked by philosophers since time immemorial. Market research professionals are no different than those wise men from ancient Greece in this regard. Our task is to create an understanding of the consumer’s mind in which we can shape our brand positioning...read more

Making Customer Retention a Goal

Marketing as we know it is comprised of two primary functions – customer acquisition and customer retention. Much of the effort skews toward acquisition and its numerous strategies for lead generation, nurturing and eventual hand-off of qualified leads to sales. The volume of companies selling CRM...read more

Seeking the Golden PEAR

I recently came across an article posted in MarketingProfs that raised an interesting question. Is a 0.3% click-through rate for a banner ad acceptable? This may seem a bit afield from my normal conversations around online survey design, but the truth is many of us in consumer and B2B market...read more

Message Testing 123

There isn’t a marketer out there who hasn’t at one time or another questioned whether he or she was putting the right messages into the market. After all it is all about how and what we communicate. This is true regardless if we are in acquisition mode or focusing on customer retention techniques....read more

Adding Alerts to Surveys

One of the key roles researchers play in both consumer and B2B marketing research is that of advocate for the voice of the customer. We fulfill this role with both quantitative and qualitative data collection, including social media analysis. Given that the pace of information is increasing what can...read more

Reducing Multicollinearity in Survey Data

Recently we examined the nature of correlation. If you are involved in consumer or B2B marketing research then sooner or later you will examine the nature of the relationship between multiple variables. In quantitative research, correlation analysis seeks to assess the linear relationship between...read more

25 Most Popular Survey Posts of 2011

Last week I shared my favorite feedback management blog posts that fell outside the Top 25 Most Popular Posts of 2011. After crunching the analysis for most read articles, most shared and clicked posts, I've narrowed down our 476+ posts to just the Top 25.Please share your thoughts below on any...read more

The Social Media Revolution

I have been reviewing posts from the last year for a count down of top posts I'm planning for next week. Consistently month after month, particularly for the first half of the year, some of our most popular posts were about social media. However, what's being written about today and what was written...read more

Customer Evangelism for Improved Customer Retention

While businesses may be grateful for their repeat, loyal customers, they should absolutely love their customer evangelists, if they have any. If customer retention is high on a company's list of priorities, then customer evangelists are the people to keep happy. Merriam-Webster defines an evangelist...read more
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