How secure is your customer base?

How do you define loyalty? This is a concept marketers have pondered on for as long as there has been competition in the marketplace. As a topic loyalty has been thoroughly researched by academics and practitioners alike. A few things that we know about loyal customers: They tend to be more

Do This Instead of Innovating

I was recently reading Adam Bluestein's article in Inc. magazine, Debunking the Myth of Innovation, all about... you guessed it: Innovation (and how it's overrated)! The article debunks six innovation myths, including:  Innovation is about stuff Innovation is costly Innovation is a disruption more

The New Officer In Town: The Rise of the Chief Customer Officer

There is a new C-level position taking shape. According to work published in the Harvard Business Review blog the next generation of C-level executive is likely to be the Chief Customer Officer (CCO). This is a good thing for those of us in marketing research and consumer insight positions as more

Is Life Really as Simple as Yes or No?

Are questions with dichotomous answers the best use of our online survey design? Answering this question is not as simple as saying Yes or No. Dichotomous questions (those with two response options) may be simple to answer, however they leave one key component behind. Variance allows us to dive more

Show Respondents Love

It’s time to reach out and touch someone. All eyes are on Valentine’s Day and sharing the love. How does this thought process apply to market research you may ask? Well that’s easy to see if you consider each survey touchpoint an opportunity to share a bit of love. It doesn’t matter if you more

Are Companies Paying Attention to Customer Experience and Loyalty?

Recent statistics once again reinforce that customers are looking for exceptional customer service, and if they don’t find it one place, they will look elsewhere—customers have the power. According to research by Oracle in their 2012 CX Index Report ‘Why customer satisfaction is no longer more

Has CSat Got You Down?

As I have reported recently there are trends afoot in customer satisfaction (CSat), loyalty and retention that will make marketers jobs more challenging in the years to come. Yet should we throw in the towel and give up measuring customer satisfaction and its impacts upon loyalty, retention more

Measurement: Single vs Multiple Item Measure

In my research course, we recently delved into the discussion of scaling and measurement. No lack of material for discussion in this chapter! One of the students asked what my preference was in questionnaire design - single-item measures or those with multiple items. A fair question I thought more

Defining Customer Loyalty & Tying it to the Bottom Line

How do you define loyalty? This is a concept that marketers have thought and worried about for decades. As a topic area, academics and practitioners alike have thoroughly conducted customer loyalty research. A few things that we know about loyal customers: They tend to be satisfied They return more

Satisfaction Made Simple: A 2 Step Recipe

Recently, I wrote about the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Other known methods for assessing satisfaction and loyalty include the Kano Method, Net Promoter Score (NPS), TNS Customer Loyalty Index, etc. Each of these methods has it strengths and weaknesses. In this post I propose more
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