Email Marketing: Exit Stage Left

Exit Stage LeftSpreading the word via email has become ubiquitous as a marketing tool. Thanks to the increased usage of this technique, both for legitimate and illegitimate marketing, legislation was passed in the United States (we know it now as CAN-SPAM) which requires marketers to provide an opt-out system. As survey authors we have the same requirements to provide potential respondents a means of opting-out of our invitations.

An email came my way this morning from a retailer who I used frequently while living in California but no longer have a particular need for. Deciding to follow the unsubscribe link I was taken to a page where a choice was presented to unsubscribe or change my email frequency. This is beginning to sound a bit like an exit survey. Having an option felt nice and reminded me of the good feelings that I had for this retailer. Isn’t that what marketing is all about – creating a positive feeling and providing a direction for those feelings to flow into sales?

The image below shows the second page in the process. I selected unsubscribe and then was presented with a two question survey that was as easy on the eyes as it was to complete. This provides marketers with data that can be used to adjust the content and frequency of the e-marketing directed to various market segments. Assuming the retailer can attach transactional data via email address and couple this with survey responses and you have a powerful measure of who is leaving the fold and their value to the company. This forms the basis of a marketing metric which can be tracked over time.

Exit survey

After completing the brief survey I was presented with a ‘thank you’ page that was duly branded and presented me numerous options to follow the company via social media. Although I have not used L’Occitane in several years this experience left me with a decidedly positive feeling, again isn’t that what we strive for as marketers?
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