Imporance of Qualitative Feedback

The survey is one of the most important means of collecting data. The advantage is that it can be given to a large sample that may ensure a reasonable rate of return. However, the survey has disadvantage—it may not yield the finer details for what you are seeking data. For example, you have more

Training Evaluations: Who is Responsible?

In times when every penny counts, there is more demand on training managers to “prove” that training has paid off. Most organizations follow Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels of Evaluation: The immediate feedback: The smiley sheets at the end of the training program where participants respond to questions more

AAAAA Service: Turn Angry Customers into Raving Fans

No matter how committed your company is to service, mistakes will happen. New employees don’t know the ropes. Staff rush to handle volume. Typos happen. Customers will be disappointed, sometimes even angry. In these moments, it’s less important to focus on why the failure happened and more on more

Understand your Customers Through Life-Cycle Research

You have no asset more important to your business than your customer base. It is definitely a worthwhile investment to know and understand them as well as you know and understand your product or service offering. For example, do you know what drives your customers? Are all of your customers alike? more

Good Online Survey Research: 5 Tips and Tricks

Having as many tools in your market and survey research toolbox is a great way to make a survey effort go smoothly. In addition to our past survey research tips, here are some more tricks to think about before planning your next questionnaire! Utilizing some or all of these ideas the next time more

Completing the Feedback Cycle

In many organizations, gathering feedback from customers has become a “wallpaper” activity. It’s collected on a routine basis either by front line staff with feedback cards, or by email on a cycle simply because it’s part of someone’s job. In other organizations it may even be more casual in more

ACSI Shows Need for Health Care Satisfaction Surveys

The American Consumer Satisfaction Index just released its numbers for a 2010 first quarter study of consumer satisfaction in America. This latest report shows some positive signs for many industries, including television service and cellular phone service. However, this report shows that more

The Power of Online Polls

In a previous post, I talked about polling your social media audience through sites like Twitter and Facebook to gain immediate feedback. Another way to reach the people who matter to you most is through a short, one-question website poll. A quick online poll can provide you with more

Are Employees Ruining Customer Survey Results?

Ever since I got a new phone in November, I've been having problems with it. I cant count how many times the tech support team has reset my phone and made me reprogram everything. Rarely have these experiences been good ones, but at the end of every phone call or visit to the store, the rep more

Insurance Surveys - Making Health Insurance Companies Better

We've discussed conducting health care satisfaction surveys to understand how patients feel about the care they receive in hospitals and medical offices. It's equally important to track how these customers feel after they've received their care and it comes time to pay off those medical more
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