Let Your Customers Make Your Marketing Decisions

Allowing your important marketing decisions to be determined by your customers might seem a little strange. After all, isn't that why you have highly paid analysts and marketing teams? Why would you outsource that job to your customers, who probably have little to no marketing experience?


I'm not actually suggesting you turn over your marketing department to Joe Consumer; what I am suggesting is that you use the greatest source of knowledge available to you in order to capitalize on your marketing investments. If the point of a good marketing campaign is to reach prospective and current customers, a great place to figure out how to reach those customers is to ask them what they want.

Tom Smith over at his consumer insights blog gives us six questions your own customers can help you answer:

  • Where should we prioritize our marketing investments?
  • When can sales people and campaigns engage our qualified buyers?
  • How can we focus creative and marketing efforts in a way that will impact buyers' choices?
  • Why does our strategy have the highest potential to achieve our goals?
  • What should we include in our message strategy and marketing content?
  • Who should salespeople and lead generation campaigns be targeting?

As you can see, your marketing team doesn't have to guess the answers to these questions—using a customized Cvent survey, you can pick your customers' brains to find out how best to engage them. With these tactics, Smith has helped his clients make these outstanding improvements:

  • Quantitative research of over 3,000 pool and spa dealers informed a new marketing plan that generated a 35% sales increase in one year.
  • Interviews with paper merchants helped pinpoint the greatest revenue and margin opportunities, and increased the client market share by 2.5 percentage points and helped rebuild crumbling relationships.
  • Quantitative research of moms for a children's medical ointment resulted in the launch of a successful new product line.

The benefits of performing thorough market research can be incredible. But maybe you think you have nothing left to learn from a simple survey? Smith, a marketing director who has worked with over 80 clients in 18 industries, has this to say:

"I can safely say that I have never done any research without finding something worthwhile and insightful that we did not already know."

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