What to do When Customers are Silent

These suggestions are very useful especially when the customers stop interacting with you. Whether the customers have gone to the competition or just gone silent, they are worth the time and effort. Effective dealing with silent customers requires thoughtful and combined use of both online surveys and social media.

Catch the Root Cause: Why are they Silent

There is a reason your customers are no longer interacting with you; uncovering the reason why and reach at the root cause is an important step. One way to do this is to use online surveys that are specifically crafted for the segment of your customers. 

Ask the Right Questions

It is important to ask open ended direct questions. Ask them how you could adjust your offerings, how to improve the customer experience, how you might better meet their needs, etc, what social media platforms they are using, how they would like to engage. Focus on improving overall customer experience, take the feedback seriously and make adjustments where possible. This analysis will make your business stronger.

Connect with Customers Where They Are: Co-create Customer Experiences

After getting customer feedback through online survey, blog about your survey and survey findings, let your customers know that their feedback was heard and implemented. You might be surprised by how much goodwill this generates. Social media is providing you with additional opportunities to co-create customer experiences. Become a part of the conversation with relevant information, insight and support. Here you could offer relavant instructional content, discounts, promotions, links to related content or conversations.
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