Method in the Madness: Incorporate Social Media in Research

Today, I watched this interesting video, in which Tom Anderson gives us an inside look into how social media is being used to enhance research methodologies. The video rocks. I loved the way Tom Anderson integrates research methods with social media.

According to him, now 60% of all Americans are already using social media, and the remaining are entering the social media world at fast pace. Therefore, companies do not need to wonder about weather their customers are actually using social media or not.

First, the web suveys can be useful to explore the customers social media behaviors, like on which network they are, or which blogs do they read like that. And, next the social media tools can keep supporting your survey research and market research effort to enhance customer feedback. 

Social Media helps design study and form relevant hypothesis

Even if your brand is not online, your target customers are. And, therefore, what they are talking about matters to you. Read blog posts and tweets related to your target market and customers help develop a better understanding of it, so you may come up with meaningful hypothesis for your research.

Social Media helps develop questionnaires

One you learn the language of your customers, how they talk about issues, through social media tools, you improve the quality of the questions you write. Another  big advantage of learning customer’s language and perspectives is it help developing a comprehensive list of choices for close ended questions.

In the next post, I will also discuss how social media help in getting response to a survey, analysis and interpretations.
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