Want To Know How Good Your Web Survey is Before You Send It Out?

Most planners go through the anxiety of My survey looks good to me, but will others find it as good? Will everyone be able to understand the way the survey questions are phrased? and other such questions. This is especially true if the survey is going out to a large audience of clients or an important audience, such as a group of board members.

For this exact reason, Cvent has introduced the option to collect reviewer comments in test mode in our online survey software toolset. You can collect test responses from up to 25 people – friends, colleagues, co-workers or anyone else who helped make the survey or understands the target audience. Simply turn on the option for Collect Reviewer Comments in Test Mode and everyone who goes into the survey will see a little notepad below every question where they can put in their thoughts on how the question looks, how well it is worded and how to improve it.

The trump card, though, is how you view these comments. Cvent offers you the choice of two reports: Comments by Reviewer and Comments by Question. The first lists the comments given by a particular reviewer on each question – each reviewer has all their comments listed on one page, and you can run the report for any reviewer. The latter survey report lists all the comments on a particular question on a single page. You can run the report for as many questions as you want, and each question will have a separate page with all the comments on it.

Use reviewer comments to ensure you’re sending out the best online survey possible; and when you’re satisfied, you still have the option to remove all responses from the test mode. You can even go a step further and remove all your test respondents from the target list – in one go. Yet another way to make your survey even better – with no side effects! Think our web polling software is missing something? Let us know. After all, most of our product enhancements come from customer suggestions.
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