Using Technology to Effectively Conduct Text Analysis

Product Consultant: Jonathan Wilson

My name is Jonathan Wilson and I am a Product Consultant supporting the Web Survey tool.

The Open Ended - Comment Box question can be one of the most effective means of collecting respondent feedback. However, analyzing these comments can often be an overwhelming process for survey authors, especially for larger surveys.  My best practice tip this month is to utilize the new Text Analysis functionality to streamline your reporting process and easily target common responses.

Text Analysis is available for any Open Ended - Comment Box question.  The first step on your path to carefree text analysis is to select the comment question from your survey you would like to analyze and name the analysis page.

Survey Text Analysis Settings

Now that you have created the analysis, the next, and most important step, is to configure the output settings to customize the parameters of the results. I recommend keeping the phrase length 8 words or less, as this will cast a wider net and return the maximum number of responses.  If you are looking for a specific phrase length in your analysis, use the preferences section to further narrow your search.

Survey Text Analysis Phrase Settings

Once you have configured the Output Settings, it is time to view the results!  We offer two different displays for Text Analysis: Phrases and Word Cloud.  The Phrases view will display the results in a table format, listing the most common phrases at the top.  The Word Cloud view provides a more visually engaging display, using size and font color to indicate which phrases occurred most frequently.  Another tip is to assign categories to phrases so you can easily group like phrases such as "Customer Service", "Good Customer Service", and "Rep," as in the example below.

Survey Text Analysis Categories

Survey Text Analysis Results

Text Analysis is a great way to quickly and easily analyze the open-ended feedback from your survey and identify common trends.  If you have any questions about adding Text Analysis to your survey, please contact our Survey Support team at 866-318-4357, Option 3.  

To qualify your knowledge of the Cvent Web Surveys Application, register to become Cvent Certified.  The Cvent Web Surveys Professional Certification Program is comprised of two exams: Survey Creation and Survey Reporting. After completing and passing both, you will receive a certificate acknowledging your aptitude with the Cvent solution. As Cvent becomes more widely used, proficiency with the system is a must for professionals seeking to showcase their aptitude with leading feedback collection tools.

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