Use Survey Display Options to Customize your Online Survey

Most planners use welcome pages, thank you pages, presentation headers and email survey templates to personalize their online surveys by putting in customized messages and images related to their organization, the purpose of the survey questionnaire and even the survey incentives. But the Cvent Web Surveys software platform allows you to go above and beyond to personalize the way your survey looks (the graphical survey template), how people see their progress (progress indicator bars), whether they see the survey title and question numbers, what buttons are on the survey and even the text of these buttons!

Graphical Template – Choose from over 50 out-of-the-box graphical templates, each with its own unique background, header image, button style and survey question displays. Beyond the out-of-the-box survey template designs for market surveys, customer surveys, employee attitude surveys, or any other type of survey, you have the ability to further customize the layout of your survey by adding customized headers and footers to reflect your organization's brand.

Progress Indicator Bar
– Select whether you want a progress indicator bar that shows survey respondents how much of the survey form they've completed. Choose from four different styles – whether you want them to see % of the survey completed or page X of Y, etc.

Survey Title and Question Numbers
– Select whether you want respondents to see the Survey Title; also determine whether they should see the Question Numbers. When it comes to showing survey question numbers ask yourself, Do I have a simple survey or a complex survey? If you have a complex survey, you may not want to show question numbers if you're going to use survey question logic to jump respondents through the feedback form.

Previous and Cancel Buttons
– You can choose to display one or both of these buttons to respondents at the bottom of every page along with the Next button.

Button Text – Customize the text of each button – Start Survey, Next, Previous, Cancel, Submit. This can be especially useful if the survey acts as a Test, Quiz, Registration Form, etc. Next can be changed to Next Section, Next Level, Advance, etc. and Submit on event surveys can read Yes! I want to Register.

Button Style
– Select whether you would like to keep the default button style of the survey design you selected or choose from the 15 additional button styles available.

Surveys are targeted at a wide variety of audiences, from board members and senior managers of organizations, to kids and teenagers using a product. Using the survey application features above, you can truly customize the look and feel of your survey based on your audience!
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