Use Cvent Web Survey Software to Send Emails

Did you know, Cvent’s online survey tool can be used to send out email blasts and newsletters? Users can use the email survey tool to design emails and send them out to prospects, clients, employees etc. Emails can be customized using Cvent’s HTML editor to take their emails to the next level. Instead of sending boring plain text emails, users can add their logo and images into the email making it more appealing or draw more attention to the calls to action. Here are some of the fascinating features you can use in Cvent’s HTML emails.

Add Images: Using the HTML editor you have the flexibility to add multiple images into the email, you can add your company logo as the banner of the email and other images within the body. You can use the HTML editor to resize an image to fit into the email, you can also position the image to be centered or left or right aligned.

Add Data Tags: You can personalize the email marketing using Cvent’s data tags to add contacts information, such as name, address, membership ID etc. This feature allows you as a sender to add a personal touch to the emails, resulting in the recipients feeling valued and remembered.

Attach Documents: Sometimes you want to be able to attach a document. Using Cvent’s email software, you can upload your document into the document library and add a link in the email to download the document. Using this feature you can send out related documents to your email recipients. This feature is particularly useful, to send out certificates or reports to the recipients along with your email.

As you can see, there are many interesting features in the Cvent tool. So what are you waiting for, sign up for a trial account and explore how you can improve your email marketing using Cvent's email survey software.
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