Use Cvent to Create "Two" Surveys in One

When creating surveys for two sets of respondents, say product users and non-users, the most obvious thing is to create two different surveys and send them out. This is exactly what one of our Web Survey clients in the industrial market thought, until they realized all their contacts were stored in the same file. After importing the file into their Cvent Web Surveys account and adding them to their email survey invitation, they called asking for a solution. They wanted both survey invitations to be sent, but not cause confusion with people in their survey sample were getting two emails.

One option is to insert what our email survey tool calls a survey bridge link. The bridge link allows both links to be in a single survey invitation. It's the same concept as manually finding the two survey URLs, but bridge links saves email survey creator the trouble of having to go into each survey under settings to find the online survey's URL. Using a single email, our client was able to insert two links, one that said Users click here and Non-users click here. This works and using bridge links saves the survey creator time and eliminates confusion for survey respondents.

However, there was an even better solution for our client's survey.

Our Web Surveys team advised the survey designer to merge both internet surveys into a single survey and utilize survey question logic to determine what would be seen by the different types of respondents. A survey question right at the beginning will branch respondents to the appropriate questions. Using branch logic effectively allows survey writers to design and create two surveys in one. One of the numerous advantages of this approach is when designing surveys, you only needed to create a single Welcome Page and Thank You page. You also skip over any possibility of respondents clicking the wrong survey link from the email invitation. When you send survey invitations, all respondents will click on the same email survey link to enter but only answer survey questions relevant to them. To put the icing on the cake, the task of merging existing surveys was made much easier by using the question library. We added the questions from one survey to the question library and quickly inserted them into the other survey without having to retype a single word!

Several of Cvent’s unique online survey technology features like survey bridge links, branch logic and the question library helped this client create a great survey!

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