New Image Editor: One Stop for all your Graphic Needs

Is that new header image just not right? Are you tired of the constant tweaking and uploading to get your images perfect? Well worry no more, the new Cvent Image Editor allows you to upload, Cvent's New Image Editorcopy, and edit your images all in one place within your Cvent Web Surveys account!

The image editor provides you with over 10 ways to edit your image ranging from cropping and resizing, to adjusting brightness and contrast. These various editing options are conveniently displayed directly to the left of the image you are editing. And while most of the icons are relatively self explanatory, excluding perhaps the icons with the magic pink wands, you can find a more detailed description of each function by simply hovering your cursor over the icon.

In my opinion, the coolest feature of the new editor is that it allows you to now copy and edit an image already in your Media Library right there in the tool. This really comes in handy when you want to use the same header image for your survey emails that you used in the actual survey but still make a few changes, such as resizing or cropping the header to fit the email template.

You also have the ability to make all of the changes you want and preview the image before saving any of the changes. This allows you to quickly and easily make minor tweaks or adjustments without the fear of ruining your graphic and having to start over. The Undo and Redo functions are perfect for this! I think we have all, at one time or another, struggled to decide which version of a picture we liked best. The Undo and Redo icons allow you to make a change then switch back and forth between versions of the picture to compare before deciding which is best for your survey or email invitation.

The new image editor really brings all of your image editing needs into one place and easily allows for edit after edit until you achieve that perfect image!
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