Survey Reporting Made Easier: Dynamic Date Filters

It is common for many organizations to run ongoing surveys in order to collect continuous feedback. While it is easy to gather the data cumulatively, it takes more work to collect data on a weekly or monthly basis. Previously, you needed to run a separate report each time you needed data: 12 times a year for monthly reports. Cvent has now added dynamic date filters to our online survey reporting engine which will make data collection easier.

In many of our standard reports you will now see a drop-down menu at the beginning of the date filter. This offers dynamic date filters that will adjust for the time frame which is selected based on the date when you run the report. For example, you can set the report to pull the current calendar month. That way for the month of February you will see all of the data as the month goes on. Once it becomes March, the reports will only show data collected in the month of March.

Survey Reporting: Dynamic Date Ranges

This will make things a lot easier on you when reporting on a regular basis for a consistent time frame (for example, the last 30 days). You can set the dynamic date range and save the report. Then every time you run the report it will automatically pull the relevant date range. Dynamic date filters will save you time and energy when reporting on data.
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