Offering an Incentive? Tips to Limit Online Survey Responses

Launching and creating an online survey is a stressful time, regardless of extra pressures from VIP clients or time-sensitive material. The lurch your stomach does after hitting Confirm Send to distribute your email survey invitations is unmistakable. Did I put the right information in my email? Did I double check everything was spelled correctly? Did I remember my data tags? These questions flutter through your mind until that first survey response comes through, then you can begin to breathe easily.

However, for one of our clients the relief was short-lived. The survey response number tally did not stop rising. For most online surveys, this is a good thing when you're collecting survey data that out did your expectations. But for this client, they were offering a $50 incentive. Those initial butterflies soon turned to full fledged panic. How did these respondents manage to get a hold of the web survey and how could they retroactively do some damage control to ensure this did not happen again?

After speaking with the client's project director, we deemed it necessary to activate some of Cvent's web survey software's security settings. But which ones would be appropriate? After talking with the client, I discovered they wanted to be able to gather feedback from multiple people within an organization, and sometimes household, using our email marketing engine to send survey invitations. With these criteria in mind, we decided on 5 things:

1. Take the survey link off of their webpage. This eliminated non-targeted traffic from accessing the online survey.

2. Only those survey respondents on the target list would be able to complete the feedback form.

3. Don't limit the responses by computer or IP address since it would prohibit people who shared a computer or worked at the same organization from completing the survey.

4. Enable verification to eliminate any automated computer responses.

5. Set a value for maximum number of responses to reflect the number of people on the target list. This would close the survey automatically once the number of survey responses was reached. This way the client would not need to wory about extra data collection that would result in her paying out extra incentives.

With the help of Cvent's powerful data collection software features, we helped the client breathe easy for a while and, apart from the normal butterflies with a survey launch, ensured a successful second round.
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