Looking for a Paper Survey Software? Try Cvent.

Organizations can use the Cvent Web Surveys tool to conduct phone surveys and internal paper surveys along with online surveys. The feature which allows Cvent to function as a paper survey software tool called Printable Surveys. The paper surveys can be generated in PDF and word format. This feature allows survey writers absolute flexibility to customize paper surveys by including:

Introduction – (Text added in this section will be displayed at the top of the first page on the printed survey. In the introduction, you can include a brief description about your organization, the survey's purpose, any incentive or free gifts associated with the data collection.

Conclusion – Text added in this section will display as the final page of the printed survey. On the conclusion page, you can add a thank you note and information about upcoming surveys; promote conference or seminars, etc.

Page Header – Text added in this section will be displayed as the page header at the top of page on all printed survey pages. You can use this section to further personalize the survey by adding your company banner or logo.

Page Footer – Text added in this section will be displayed as the page footer at the bottom of page on all the pages of the printed survey. In this section, you can add your organization's contact information; or information for people associated with the survey, in case survey respondents have further queries.
Survey designers also have the option to include or exclude printed instructions using our paper questionnaire software functionality. For example, if a question is required in the survey, an asterisk (*Required) mark will be placed before the question, if survey creator chooses to include printed instructions.
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