Inserting Page Breaks Acts as Save As for Survey Responses

Add page breaks to your online survey designAdd page breaks to your survey! I cannot stress this enough. Of all of the survey best practice tips that the Cvent Web Surveys Client Services team offers clients, adding page breaks is perhaps the most important piece of advice. Not only do page breaks allow you to collect partial responses, but they also break the survey up for your respondents. Adding page breaks makes online questionnaires appear much less intimidating for survey respondents and improves the respondent experience - particularly if you have a long, complex survey.

Considering how much we stress utilizing page breaks in Survey Creation and Management Training, I am always surprised when I come across a client’s survey with more than 50 questions and NO page breaks. If someone is responding to a feedback form like this and have to step away from their desk, respondents may completely lose their response and have to start all over. This is a security setting within the Cvent Web Surveys application. The Cvent Web Surveys system times out after 40 minutes of inactivity. The way the survey software defines inactivity is the lack of respondents advancing to the next page of the online survey.

Every time you insert a page break in your survey, you are essentially inserting a Next button. The Next button also functions as a Save button as well. Each time a survey respondent clicks Save, our survey application saves all of the answers the survey respondent entered so far. I'm sure you know the saying "Save Early and Often" when working on a document, same idea applies here, only instead of survey respondents having to click save they will click next. Additionally, it is important to note that by clicking on the first Next button in the survey, the respondent moves from the Visited status to the Partial Respondent status. This is important to know if you plan to send survey invitation reminders and partial response reminders to your survey sample's email list using our email survey tools.

Having explained all of that, you will no doubt agree that page breaks are an extremely important component of any survey designed and created in Cvent. So, make sure to add a page break every 5-6 survey questions when creating online surveys! This will make things much easier for you and your respondents alike. Still need some convincing? Check out this post with some additional survey tips for adding page breaks.
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