I Once was Lost, but Now Am Found: Navigating through Cvent

Finding your way when you get lostHave you ever been lost?  Like, really lost?  You are going the wrong way, and you realize you are turned around so you take the next right turn, justifying to yourself that right-hand turns have never led you astray before, why would they now?  Before you know it, you have managed to end up on a one-way street heading out of town. 

This is easy to do when you are moving yourself physically so naturally, a few clicks here and a few clicks there in an online survey platform will get you in into an even worse pickle.  Not to fear!  The ‘failsafe’ method of right-turn then right-turn may have gotten you into areas of the Cvent online web survey system you didn’t even know existed, but there are some survey software navigational tips that will get you back on track!

1. Cvent Web Surveys application reads like a book.  For anyone that intends to register for our Online Survey Creation & Management Training Class, you will hear this expression at least 3 times.  The easiest way to make all your modifications and ensure you have covered all the necessary bases is to go from Left to Right in your navigation and, once you have clicked into a section, from Top to Bottom within the section links.  This order will take you through the intuitive steps of creating and customizing your survey. 

2. Don’t neglect your breadcrumbs!  Hansel and Gretel used them to navigate their way back from a witch’s house made of candy.  Think about it… this feat should surely solidify breadcrumbs' validity.  Breadcrumbs will tell you where you are and how you got there even when you have convinced yourself that somehow you have entered an alternate universe where the survey software has become a black hole, pulling you deeper in with no intention of letting you leave.  You can either refer to the breadcrumbs to backtrack out or you can click directly on one of the breadcrumbs to be immediately re-directed to the respective section.

Breadcrumb Navigation

3. Designate your "go-to-spot."  This is the place in Cvent you feel the most comfortable navigating through.  For me, I prefer the survey overview page.  If you ever feel like you have completely lost your way, click on that tab or section link.  Wherever you are in the web based customer survey tool, and no matter how many hairs might have grayed in the process of getting there, you will instantly be redirected to that safe haven. 

With these tools at your disposal, you will feel like a modern day Columbus.  So keep on trekking, Chris, keep on trekking.
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