How to Automatically Create CEU Completion Certificates

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. ~ Henry Ford

Training Assessment Certificate Example

Education is lifelong process! Just because we are finished with school doesn’t mean the learning stops. No matter our profession, many of us have to complete Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Continuing Medical Education (CMEs) in order to maintain our licenses and continue to practice in our fields. In some instances, organizations need to test their employees’ policy or product knowledge so they may create an assessment for them to complete.

Whatever the case may be Cvent’s latest enhancements allow for easy generating and distributing of the certificates. Survey author’s can choose from Cvent’s Certificate Templates or can create their own! If you’re artistically inclined you may choose to create and customize your own certificate to reflect your organization’s branding. Once you create your own, it can be added to your library and used again.

Now for the really easy part:

No need to worry about printing out certificates, paying for postage, and mailing hundreds of envelopes. Cvent offers two simple ways you can distribute the certificate after individuals have completed the courses or examinations. The certificate can be added to the Thank You Page and accessed via a link or that same link can be inserted into the automated completion email. See… simple as the ABC’s!

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