Don't Have Time to Create Surveys Online?

In today’s world a lot of organizations from various industries conduct surveys to get the feedback about their products or services. Responses collected from survey respondents are used to further improve the quality of the products or services.

But do the survey writers and builders have enough time to spend creating the surveys, running the survey reports, analyzing survey data and sending the presentation to their bosses for the review?

There is a solution to this: Cvent's Survey Professional Services Group. Cvent offers a variety of online survey surveys to get your survey campaigns up and running with minimal time and effort on your part.

Survey Building: Let Cvent turn your paper survey or list of questions into a professional online survey. Web survey services team can review your questions and responses, as well as add conditional logic to make sure your electronic survey is designed to capture accurate, reliable data points.

Graphic Design Services:
The skilled designers on our survey design services team can create professional looking surveys that can match a desired look and feel, be consistent with your organization's branding, and even feature embedded media.

Summary and Analysis Reports:
Surveys create a lot of data - combing through it to find the meaningful trends is time-consuming work. Cvent's Survey Professional Services Group takes the pain out of analyzing survey data, because we'll turn your piles of data into eye-catching, boardroom-ready reports that highlight the business intelligence that matters to you. The report looks great, and so will you.

How to get most out of your project?

Most people conducting surveys today are not trained survey experts. A little help from our online survey professional services enables you to get the most out of your project - even if it's your first survey.

Strategy Consultation:
Not completely sure how best to use web based surveys in your organization? Talk to one of our experts to learn what kinds of questions and responses you should include to accomplish your organizational goals.

Question/Response Review and Commentary:
Before you send personalized email survey invitations out into the world, let our Survey Professional Services Group review it and make recommendations to improve the quality of your survey data.

List Procurement and Response Generation:
Cvent can connect you to your target demographic and build your survey sample list, helping you capture accurate, meaningful data.

Turnkey Project Management:
At times it's best to leave things to the experts - talk to us about letting Cvent run your survey campaign from start to finish.
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