Create One Conference Survey to Collect Feedback From All Sessions

Post-conference surveys can be a nightmare to design. The vast majority of conferences these days involve numerous sessions and speakers, and not everyone attends all of the sessions or hears all of the speakers. How is it possible to design a survey where only the people who attended a particular session answer the relevant questions for that session?

With advanced logic, this is indeed possible. The Association for Fundraising Professionals is just one of Cvent’s survey clients who can attest to the incredible value and utility of advanced survey question logic when it comes to designing a survey to collect post-conference feedback. After seeking advice from the Cvent Web Surveys Client Services team, AFP applied advanced logic to their post-event survey, so that only those survey respondents who had attended each session saw the survey questions about that session. The first survey question asked respondents which session(s) they had attended, and after that, people saw the appropriate set(s) of questions for them.

Although it sometimes takes a while to “get a hang of it,” advanced logic is an absolutely indispensable feature to survey writers. Instead of formatting separate surveys for each of the sessions, the survey creator was relieved they were able to collect all of their responses using one survey and advanced logic. The advantages to distributing just one survey as opposed to multiple surveys are numerous, but one of the most important advantages to using one survey is the time that you save during reporting. Having all of your data in one place is certainly a huge plus when running survey reports and analyzing survey data collected.
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