Best Practices: Testing Your Survey Before Launch

Team Lead, Client Services: Emily Ebersole My name is Emily Ebersole, and I am the Client Services Team Lead supporting the Cvent Web Surveys tool.

A successful survey requires testing and forethought to ensure that the survey is configured properly. Cvent's Test Mode feature is like having a crystal ball that allows you to anticipate how your survey will function, from the survey email invitation to the reporting, to ensure that the survey is setup correctly and collecting all necessary data.

Test Mode can be activated by clicking the Move to Test Mode button on your survey’s Overview screen.

Survey Move to Test Mode Button

Depending on your license level, you have the option to collect review comments. The reviewer comments feature allows your test group to enter feedback related to each question as they answer the survey. These comments can be reported on so you can take that feedback to make your survey better.



Example survey question for with commenting turned on in Test Mode

Test mode is also extremely helpful to make sure that your logic is working correctly. Are your sub-questions appearing when the appropriate answer is selected? Are people jumping ahead to other questions based on their answers?

What I love about test mode is that you can run the same reports that you will need after you launch the survey. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that you are getting the data you need, in the format you want. Think ahead to any variables that you will need to use when filtering your reports – department or location, for example. You need to make sure that these fields are properly included in your survey so that you will collect the necessary data for reporting.

Once you are ready to launch your survey, you can easily erase all test responses and emails sent with the click of a button.

If you have any questions or would like assistance with using test mode, please give us a call at 866.318.4357.

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