What’s in It For Me? How to Use Survey Incentives Correctly

You’ve heard it all before: Fill out our survey and receive a gift card. Tell us about your experience and be entered to win a free iPad. Rate our product and we’ll send you a free T-shirt. The concept is simple and widely used by organizations looking to increase their survey response rates. They...read more

Incentives: What Works?

Survey incentives are must unless you are working with an extremely devoted audience such as a political group or cause-related organization such as a charity. Even with these groups in order to reach response targets we may have to provide an incentive in exchange for their time and opinions. How...read more

How to Annoy Your Customers

Pitney Bowes recently released the results of a survey of 6,000 consumers asking what common business practices they find irritating, as well as a few they deem generally acceptable. Here are some ways you can really annoy your clientele! Send weekly emails. AKA giving them one more listserv they...read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Surveys

Over the past decade, the use of online methods for market research has skyrocketed.  Due to ever-increasing technological advances, it has become possible for do-it-yourself researchers to design, conduct and analyze their own surveys for literally a fraction of the cost and time it would have...read more

Bringing Back the Comment Card

Before the days of the Internet, cell phones, and iPhones, customer feedback was collected via paper surveys, person-to-person interaction, and other non-electronic forms of communication including comment cards. Comments cards seem to be forgotten tactic when it comes to surveying your audience,...read more

10 Tips to Give your Survey Response Rates a Boost

Once you’ve put effort and thought into creating your survey, it’s wistful to think that your audience will jump at the chance to respond. In fact, survey response rates are one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome for researchers. One general facts to keep in mind: the closer your...read more

Creating Electronic Surveys - The Unbiased, Cost-Effective Phone Alternative

From public opinion polls to customer satisfaction surveys, many organizations still rely on telephone interviews to collect consumer data. While collecting feedback from constituents is essential for continued success, allocating funds for telephone research may not be the best use of that market...read more

Does Your Survey Link Work?

One of the most important steps in creating surveys is checking your email invitation and set of questions and responses before sending out to your respondents.Avoid Sending that *Correction* Email Because we all receive so many electronic messages, it's essential your email survey invitation is...read more

Use More than Just Colors to Assist Your Survey Takers

Since approximately 2001 the Federal Government has required all surveys and survey proposals for all agencies to use survey software that conforms to Section 508 standards.Well, what is Section 508, and as web survey creators, why should we care?  Web survey designers must understand...read more

Conduct Surveys in Multiple Languages

There is a word in French I have always loved: mondialisation. Like many French words, there is no direct English translation for this term. To give you a rough idea though, mondialisation refers to the way that new communication technology has recently facilitated conversations between people on...read more
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