Survey Analysis Shouldn't be a Fishing Expedition

As a market research professional and long-time survey guy, I have come across many clients who could be classified as unwieldy. Although I have nothing against them personally, their thoughts about survey development and the kind of information needed are enough to make one flinch. A more

QR Codes: A Magic Wand for Online Research?

What's that squiggly square you see on real estate signs, billboards, magazine ads and even business cards these days? And what are you supposed to do with it?  Two questions that the majority of consumers have when they spot one. They're called "QR codes" and they're the latest trend to more

Kiosk Survey Mode: It's Not Just for Onsite

We have all seen them; the shiny, silver boxes at large hotels, hospitals and really any sizable establishment.  They come to life with a touch on the screen and have any and all information you could ever need.  Their central location and ease of use make them an invaluable distribution method more

Creating Electronic Surveys - The Unbiased, Cost-Effective Phone Alternative

From public opinion polls to customer satisfaction surveys, many organizations still rely on telephone interviews to collect consumer data. While collecting feedback from constituents is essential for continued success, allocating funds for telephone research may not be the best use of that more

Reminder: New Cvent Web Survey Features Coming Soon

In response to client feedback and suggestions, and as part of our ongoing commitment to be the most comprehensive event management, marketing and web survey solution, we have exciting new features coming tonight. In order to update the application, Cvent will be unavailable starting at 9:00 PM more

Questions, Questions, Questions

How many questions should I ask? What should I be asking? What format should I use? These are all important questions to consider when developing a survey, however, there is no definitive answer.  Bottom line, what matters is your objective.  What data are you looking for, and what are you more

One Survey, Unlimited Opportunities

I realized it only after the emails had been sent.  It was a test survey that wasn’t intended for entry level employees and senior management.  It was an employee evaluation that had initially been slated to go out only to our newest batch of hires.  Only last minute did we discover we could more
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