Making Lasting Connections at Cvent CONNECT Starts with Better Event Feedback

It’s true – better connections and event experiences starts with better feedback. Imagine running an event, any event, and not knowing what your attendees liked, didn’t like, whether they would return again or if they liked the speakers or even the food. You would be surprised how often more

Scales Based on Multiple Response Questions

Not all scales in market research need be of the Likert, Semantic Differential, or Constant Sum variety. They don’t have to involve Bayesian theory like the extensions of Maximum Difference Scaling do. In fact, sometimes the simplest approach truly is the best. The multiple response format is more

MarketingProfs Guest Post: The Changing Face of Feedback

Survey Innovation Series Part 1 It used to be that paper and postcard surveys were the way to go for gathering event feedback. The challenge with this approach? Receiving attendee feedback after the fact when the excitement has worn down and specific details are faded from memory. These days, more

Inspiring Leaders: What’s the Secret?

Employee engagement is a hot topic these days and not in a good way. A recent study by Gallup uncovered that seven out of 10 employees have “checked out” and/or are "actively disengaged." This statistic is alarming ‒ only about 30% of your workforce is engaged? Scary thought. This got me more

6 Ways to Promote Your Surveys and Drive Employee Participation

Does it seem like your employees are still in a Turkey Coma from Thursday’s meal?  Or maybe it seems like they are losing focus as they begin talking about all of their holiday plans and New Year resolutions. Whatever the case, you still have a job to do and that job is to collect employee feedback! more

Hey You! Feeling a Bit Irrelevant?

Is market research becoming irrelevant? If you follow the published works of Forrester Research then you may be tempted to believe that we should scrap our career path and pursue something different. Don’t be tempted! What Forrester brings to light in their article What needs to happen in more

Sliding into Interactive Questions

Sometimes a picture is truly worth a thousand words. Other times pictures can be the best way to break up the routine inherent in consumer and B2B marketing research surveys. Cvent, as an online survey platform, offers multiple ways to involve imagery and interactivity in the questionnaire more

With Social Media Campaigns, It's All About the Lead and the Finish

Those running social media campaigns can take a tip from presentation and meeting professionals: If you want people to remember your pitch and your product, focus on the beginning and end. For example, you well know that first impressions matter, and if you've ever attended a conference, it's more

National Survey Supports Workplace Levity

The workplace can seem like such a serious place, and sometimes it should be. Research from fall 2011 that was conducted for Accountemps found that nearly 60 percent of chief financial officers thought that having a sense of humor helped an employee fit in with the companies' culture. That's right, more

How to Annoy Your Customers

Pitney Bowes recently released the results of a survey of 6,000 consumers asking what common business practices they find irritating, as well as a few they deem generally acceptable. Here are some ways you can really annoy your clientele! Send weekly emails. AKA giving them one more listserv more
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