Milk and Shampoo: A Sampling Problem

Selecting a sample size that is appropriate can be a challenging task even for experienced consumer and B2B market researchers. There are numerous formulas based on sound statistical theory to guide us. There are also several online sample size calculators to help expedite the task.However, I more

Using Invitation Forwarding to Grow Your Responses

As winter winds its way down and spring looms on the horizon, I was reminded recently of a sampling technique used in the old days that has taken on a new spin. It used to be called snowball sampling. Just as a snowball gets bigger as it rolls down the hill, this form of sampling builds up more

Measuring your confidence

Yes my friends we have entered the political silly season. With a month til the US presidential elections more money will be spent on advertising and on public opinion polls than any other time of the four-year political cycle. It is a good time to be in advertising or research. It is a sure more

Using Crosstabs to Uncover Hidden Insights

Survey research involves uncovering hidden insights buried deeply within responses to our questionnaires. Looking at one variable at a time can provide interesting top-level insight, but it fails to uncover the relationships between variables. This is where bivariate (two variables) or more

Simple Random and Other Sample Designs

As US political mania ramps up, one thing is for certain, it will be a good time for opinion polling. All manner of surveys will be conducted regarding key issues and the personalities and style of potential candidates. The desire is to extrapolate sample findings to the broader market. This is more

Mean Meets Median

The curse of it is… Well the curse of being a research junkie, particularly in the B2B space, is you come across a great deal of salary surveys. Everyone wants to compare themselves and see where they stand versus their peers. I have to admit I fall into this bucket. In the marketing more

Survey Sampling Methods

It is incumbent on the survey researcher to clearly define the target population. There are no strict rules to follow, and the researcher must rely on logic and judgment. The population is defined in keeping with the objectives of the study. Sometimes, the entire population will be more

Significant Survey Results

How many survey responses do you need to get "statistically significant" results? This question is often where confusion happens for many clients asking their survey researchers for interpretation of results. However, that question only makes sense in the context of a statistical hypothesis more

More Money Savers

Sometimes you need to research the competition, but your budget can take quite a hit. There are ways to do so without spending a lot.1. Attend industry trade shows. This can even be a way to fulfill multiple research obligations with one stone. If you have several clients in the same industry, more

Determining Sampling Methods

Whenever you set out to perform a market research study, you need to select a sample representative of an entire population. It is impossible to survey an entire population of course – but you need to work carefully to get a representative sample that truly exemplifies the target group whose more
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