Swipe Right: Survey Lessons from Tinder

Tinder, the prolific online dating app that found its way onto the phones of millions of Americans searching for romance in one form or another, has revolutionized the dating scene for better or worse. And it’s really a simple concept. The app integrates with Facebook, pulling in users’ Facebook...read more

What Was Missing at Content Marketing World (And 5 Content Suggestions)

What was missing from this week's Content Marketing World?  Data and Feedback Collection! I don't mean that they didn't collect feedback from attendees. They had a survey for every session in their mobile app. They incentived attendees to complete the surveys by gamifying them. Attendees were...read more

Introducing Extra Survey Security: Encrypted Contact Fields

In today’s hi-tech world, everything is done online. As more and more of our personal information passes over the Internet, security is critical. Whether it’s our birthday or our social security number, we want to know that our personal information is safe and secure.The Cvent address book has...read more

Developing your Research Skills

I recently came across a blog that suggested marketing was an area where a practitioner could be self-taught and be quite successful. In fact the author posits that self-taught marketers can actually be better than classically-educated marketers. The same line of reasoning can be applied to those in...read more

Improving Survey Response

As researchers we live and die by the response rates to our surveys. This is true for both consumer and B2B marketing research. There are many tricks that we can employ to improve our response rates in order to ensure we can reach a comfortable level of accuracy. Getting to know our audience is the...read more

Use the Calendar to your Advantage

Ah, good-old summertime. It is a time filled with festive spirit, baseball, backyard BBQs and journeys both long and short. But alas, what does this have to do with surveys? Well, you could certainly use your survey tool in the form of a community survey to measure how citizens of your community...read more
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