Cross-Survey Reporting: A Case Study

Yesterday, I had the perfect case study for our professional survey management solution's reporting capabilities. Client Julie had built her survey, collected the data and began running reports when a familiar, but unsettling realization hit; the reports her boss had requested would be unobtainable with the format with which she had built the survey. A panicked Julie called in a bind, how could we generate comparison reports across 2 years, for 3 variables, all for an anonymous survey?

Not only did we generate these 3 reports, but were able to accomplish such feat in little more than an hour.

Sample Customer Satisfaction Cross-Survey Report:Which product do you use?
Sample Customer Satisfaction Cross-Survey Report

Right now is probably the point when you are asking yourself Is Cvent staffed with genies and David Blain wannabes? Well, that depends on your definition. If you are really asking whether we create survey miracles every day, the answer is a resounding YES. So magic lamp aside, how did we accomplish such a feat?

With Cvent’s July enhancement, we drastically increased the capabilities of our answer import feature. Survey authors are now able to import answers for an anonymous survey and every question type Cvent offers (less Presentation Header, Presentation custom HTML and File Upload). With this new functionality available, we simply needed to segment the data in order to generate those cross-survey reports.

Step 1, Copy over the survey! We copied the survey 6 times; 1 for each variable and 1 for each year.

Step 2 required a little more manual work. We took the master data set from 2009 and ran the Expanded Answer Details for All Respondents 3 times; filtering for 1 variable each time. We then took the master data set from 2010 and repeated so we had 1 report for each variable per year.

In Step 3, we used the Response Number as the Record ID, saved the file in a text tab delimited format, then imported the data into each survey.

Last step was easy! We just needed to run the Survey Analysis Cross-Survey report. Not only did Julie have beautiful side by side comparisons of how things had changed, she was able to devote the extra time to practice the presentation on the results.
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