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Dorian Rosen is the Senior Consultant on the Professional Services Team for Inquisium by Cvent focusing on project management and program implementation.  Dorian joined the company in 2009 and was a founding member of the survey professional services organization.  She works with all of our Enterprise and Fortune 1000 companies to design ongoing survey initiatives and execute new programs to further engage their client and employee base.  Dorian graduated from The College of William and Mary and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree.  

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Cvent or any other organization or individual.

Internal vs. External Benchmarking: The Saga

I hate to do it, but I'm going to rely on a tried-and-true metaphor to drive home the importance of setting realistic benchmarks for your survey program. Here we go. I constantly see walls of magazines in grocery stores with headlines like, “20 minutes to lose five pounds!” or “Slim down two more

Survey Logic Update: The Masked Man

Greg wrote a fabulous post a few months back regarding a new survey logic type: masking logic, that Cvent had added to the system.  This is the point where I normally add in a one-liner about a literal mask but alas, that has been done! As a refresher, masking logic allows the respondent to choose more

Introducing: My Reports Download

All it takes is one trip to the mall during the holiday season for me to realize that my patience level has decreased substantially. I catch myself tapping my shoe, looking at my watch or, more recently, firing up a game of Words with Friends. I can see the front of the line but no matter how more

Identity Confirmation: No Longer on a First Name Basis

How many of us can say we have never given out a fake name and contact information to a stranger?  Anyone?  Very few can admit we have not been John Johns, phone number 555-5555 for an evening.  If we are able to deter unwanted face-to-face contact by creating a fake identity in a split second, more

Survey Best Practice: Page Breaks

Time is valuable. Freedom is priceless. While adding page breaks to an online survey may seem trivial or an issue of aesthetics, it is a great way to respect your survey respondents time by giving them the freedom to answer your survey according to their time constraints. And, this means both more

Cross-Survey Reporting: A Case Study

Yesterday, I had the perfect case study for our professional survey management solution's reporting capabilities. Client Julie had built her survey, collected the data and began running reports when a familiar, but unsettling realization hit; the reports her boss had requested would be more

Building Surveys with Logic: Two Questions to Ask First

Cvent offers a smorgasbord of survey question logics within the online survey platform. From Advanced to Pipe, from Link to Branch, survey builders can really ensure that only relevant questions appear to each of their respondents. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like answering questions more

Increase Response Rate by Further Legitimizing Your Survey

The average response rate for an external online survey is around 10-15%. With the increase of web-based communication, it is harder and harder to convince respondents that your survey is the one that is worth their time. This is a not a futile battle, however. With the Cvent software system, more

Customization: How a little time can go a long way

Expression of self and individualism are highly encouraged traits. How boring would life be if we were all the exact same? We here at Cvent feel that every client should be able to make his or her events and surveys as much an extension of themselves as possible. Not only does this make you, more

Auto-Completion Message: A Must Have Online Survey Software Feature

We all like a confirmation when purchasing things online, registering for an event, booking a hotel for a weekend get away, etc. It gives you an immediate sense of relief and you can easily read over your confirmation to ensure all of the information is correct and as you had intended. Should more
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