How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Surveys

Social media surveysOne of the biggest challenges of conducting a successful survey is connecting with people who are willing to provide you with insight. Social media can be an excellent way to gather market research while building relationships with customers, prospects and new audiences.

This week, I'm running a 3-part series on how to use the most popular social networking tools to promote your online surveys and generate more responses.

Below are 3 ways you can use Facebook to conduct surveys:
  1. Share a link to your survey in your status updates. Change your page's status update to highlight a reason why your friends should take your survey. Promise to share the findings once you analyze your results.

  2. Post individual survey questions as status updates. This technique will engage people who may not want to complete your entire survey. Use their feedback to supplement your formal survey results. Be sure to ask compelling questions that foster conversation. Asking for basic demographic information will not lead to much dialogue. However, asking for your friends' opinions on a trending topic will spark heated discussion.

  3. Take out an ad that encourages people to complete your online survey. Facebook ads are an inexpensive way to reach very specific audiences. You can target people by their location, demographics or interests. Use the ad to drive people to your Facebook page or directly to your survey.
Stay tuned for future posts on How to Conduct B2B Surveys on LinkedIn and 3 Keys to Increasing Survey Response Through Twitter.
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