Hotel Personnel Evaluation Forms

If you want to see how well your hotel personnel is performing and do not want to use a typical hotel survey, then try using a hotel peronnel evaluation form to assess your staff.  Using surveys or market research to assess your varied hotel staff is a great, unique way to see how integrated an experience your guests are having based on the people that comprise their hotel stay. Here are a few ways you can assess your hotel staff through personnel evaluation forms:
  • Ask the hotel guests about all types of staff.  Wait staff, bell hops, front desk help, and even maids and gym staff should be included in your evaluation form.  Try to ask about all aspects of the hotel and the staff that helps run the hotel in order to see what the guests say about the personnel.
  • Ask about different dimensions of the staff.  Friendliness, helpfulness, and timeliness are just some of the dimensions you may want to ask about your staff on your personnel evaluation forms.  Overall guest satisfaction with staff and likelihood to come back to the hotel are other aspects that can help you determine who well your staff performing.
  • Ask if they want to recognize anyone that stands out.  Using the personnel evaluation form, ask your guests if there was anyone at the hotel that helped make their experience even more special. If your guests are willing to offer staff names, then consider honoring those staff that stood out and were mentioned in the survey. It's a win-win for everybody and encourages more of the behavior that you want from your other staff by honoring those that go above and beyond.
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